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Why are we here?

We are crypto-currency believers and we have three main goals with this website:

Contribute to building a decentralized banking future

Educate people on crypto-currencies to prevent misinformation

Earn rewards in crypto coins for our community


We’ll give you an overview of how we plan to do this, and you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about everything we mention. Our content is carefully curated and simplified and easy to understand. You are most welcome to join our community, and we strongly encourage you to check out all of our learning resources, so you can fully understand what we are all about.

If you’re a crypto-veteran, feel free to get started right away and stake some coins with us.

On this page, you’ll find information about:

  • Crypto-currencies
  • Blockchain and Wallets
  • Bitcoin, Ether, Ada
  • Coin staking and staking pools
  • Our operating costs
  • How much you can earn

The Basics

According to our research, crypto-currencies were – and still are – very volatile. As such, they have a huge potential with investors for massive gains, but the same is true for massive losses. Our advice here is to be careful, always do your own research before you make any type of investment, and make sure to check prices often.

Therefore, it’s important to note – if a crypto-currency price falls abruptly, it has a high chance of rising back up to its previous value (and usually very soon). As a general good rule of thumb, try not to panic-sell your coins, as the price often skyrockets back and above the original value.

Here’s an example of that volatility with Ripple (XRP):


If you want to learn more about any of the topics covered in this introduction, you should start a deep-dive into each of the learning material pages. Learning from our resources is free, and it aims to prevent confusion and misinformation. It should also help with correcting expectations.

We think that a deep-dive into our learning materials demands very little of your time in comparison to the knowledge you get in return.


Blockchain is the main technology that powers crypto-currencies. It is a computer data, a group of information blocks, transmitted over the Internet in real time. These blocks are connected together and keep all coin transactions secure.

Blockchain structures look something like this:


Bitcoin, Ether, Ada


You’ve heard of Bitcoin. It’s the first generation of crypto-currencies and it’s extremely popular. Ether and Ada are also crypto-currency coins, but less known. Both improve on the ideas of Bitcoin. Ada coins come as the native tokens of the Cardano ecosystem, which we consider to be building the best next-generation platform.



In the crypto-currency world, it is important to understand that your identity is never revealed to others on the network, unless you explicitly do so yourself (if you hold your coins on an exchange which requires you to do a KYC (know your customer). Your coins are collected into your wallet addresses, from where you can spend, save or exchange them. Interestingly enough, wallet addresses are public, and everyone can see everyone else’s wallet balance… but not who they are.

We strongly recommend reading our learning resources on this topic.



You’ve probably heard of Bitcoin mining. It involves using your computer to maintain the crypto-currency network, and you get some reward coins in return. Staking is an improvement on that process, and it utilizes “trust” between network nodes. Staking doesn’t require a lot of computing power, and staking rewards are more likely to happen.

The process of staking is a bit more complex, so we advise you to check out our learning resources on staking for additional information, as it is an essential part of our community.

Staking pools


Similarly to how crypto miners join mining pools, staking networks organize into staking pools. Joining pools increases the likelihood of getting rewards, but you might have to lock-in your coin for a set period of time to get the rewards. Some networks (like Cardano) let you unlock your coins at any time. This is an important difference compared to a bank’s savings account, because the bank lets you withdraw your money only when that period expires.

We strongly recommend reading through our learning materials on this as well.



Cardano is considered a 3rd generation blockchain platform. It improves on Bitcoin and Ethereum with higher transaction speeds, scalability and versatility. On top of that, we find that Cardano’s staking protocol makes the most sense from a user’s perspective.

As always, you can read more about that in our learning resources.

How does Matrix Pools fit in?


Matrix Pools does all of the heavy lifting for you. We organize and maintain the pools, match the people, monitor saturation statistics, provide useful information, prepare learning resources and publish important news. Everything you need is already on the website and will continue to improve. We’re in this together, and we’ll do our best to change the future for the better.

And that’s our motto, in a nutshell:

Your future is at stake.

We’ll do the staking.

Costs of participating


You must be wondering by now… “how much will it cost me to join?”

Each pool we operate has its percentage-based operating cost which is deducted from the total rewards that the pool earns. Even though it costs you nothing to stake with us, we try to keep the costs low and display them on each pool’s page. You never, ever pay anything directly to the Matrix Pools website. Instead, we all contribute some of the reward coins back to the pool.

We’ve outlined this in our learning resources below:

How much can I earn?


OK, you’ve made it this far, and we’re at a turning point. Here’s the deal: we impose no limit on coin rewards. The more you stake, the more coin rewards you get, even if it means that you earn more coins than us (which will often be the case)! It depends on a lot of factors though.

We have some examples and many more details in the learning resources below, where you can calculate approximately how much coin you can earn.

We hope that this content gave you an overview of what we’re trying to do here. When you’re ready to join us on our mission, click on the big green button below.

Remember: we don’t want your money, we never ask for it, nor do we pay you any money. Blockchain technology allows us to join together and contribute to its stabilization. As a reward for our “hard work”, we get coins in return from the network. The value of the coins is in the hand of its traders, and we affect it with our further system and network development.

If you’re still not sure how all of this works, check back on our learning resources.