Getting Started

We want to help you on this long (but simple) process of becoming a stake pool delegator.

Our guides can take you from having no crypto wallet, no crypto-currency coin and no previous delegation knowledge – to being a stake owner who delegates to one of our staking pools and earns staking rewards.

Ready to stake some coin with us?

Good! Becoming a crypto contributor (and earning staking rewards) is a four-step process, and each of the steps has their own guide on this website.

Here’s a quick overview of what the process looks like:

  1. Set up a crypto wallet 
    The basis of everything. It’s where your coins are kept, where you delegate from, and where you get your rewards.
    (What is a Wallet?)
    (How does crypto work?)
  2. Get some coins
    To get started with staking, you first need to either ask someone to give you coin, or buy coin from an online exchange office. (keep reading)
  3. Send your coins to your wallet
    Once you find some, you want the coin in your wallet to gain 100% control over it.
  4. Delegate coins
    The final step. Delegating to a good, stable pool allows you to receive staking rewards.