Costs of participating

The great advantage of staking with us is that you don’t have to own expensive equipment, graphics cards, nor any special storage facilities. You can even stake your coins from a phone! 


Although, to make sure that everything runs smoothly, we recommend using a personal computer (desktop or laptop). You’ll also need an Internet connection, and a bank card. We don’t need your banking details if you wish to join us. Your bank card is only needed to buy new coins from online cryptocurrency exchange offices, and sell your coins when you earn rewards for staking and you want to cash out.

If you have another way of getting the coin, e.g. exchanging with your friends, then the bank card is not even necessary at all.

The minimum amount required to participate in staking with us is 1 coin. In the context of Cardano, that would be 1 Ada. Given the current market price of Ada, we find staking in our pools to be the least discriminatory entry point for any person. The operating costs of each pool we operate will be given separately on the pool’s info page.