How do I buy and sell crypto-currency?

As with any other currency, you can buy and sell crypto at a currency exchange office.


Buying is just a couple of simple steps:

  1. Register your exchange office account (only done once)
  2. Pay money to the exchange office, to be able to exchange it for crypto-currency coins
  3. Find your personal wallet’s receiving address
  4. Send (withdraw) coins away from the exchange office into your personal wallet

Selling is just as easy:
(assuming that you registered an exchange account)

  1. Find your exchange office account’s receiving crypto address
  2. Send coins from your personal wallet to that exchange office address
  3. Convert coins into traditional currency in the exchange office
  4. Wire the money to your card

We need to advise you about one more thing: be extra careful when clicking links on crypto-related websites. Most of those links lead to exchange offices, and they contain a secret referral token. Following a link with this token secretly earns coins for the website owner.

We mention this in the spirit of being transparent with you, and we’ll always say when we use referrals. If you don’t want to earn coins for someone else, you can simply copy-paste the exchange office’s name into Google, and use the search results to go to their website.

Let’s buy some coin then…

Buying and selling are very straight-forward after that first account setup step. Being able to buy crypto nowadays is simply a matter of picking a good online exchange office.

Some of our recommendations for exchange offices are Kraken, Binance, CoinMama, and in the worst case Cex. There’s a good article describing how to buy coin there on this page.