Receive Ada in Cardano’s web Wallet (Yoroi)

Here’s our guide on how to receive Ada into your Yoroi web wallet.


  1. You understand the basics of what we do here
    (Go here if you don’t)
  2. You set up the wallet software and your wallet
    (Go here if you haven’t)
  3. You own crypto-currency
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Step 1 of 4

Open your wallet and go to your Receive tab.

Step 2 of 4

Choose any of your Generated addresses (you can also use the one on the top).
Click the copy button, or use the QR code.

Step 3 of 4

Paste your copied wallet address to the sender (i.e. exchange office) to receive/withdraw your coins. Go to your Transactions tab to verify that the coin arrived.

Final step

It may take some time, but once received, your transactions should show up.

And in your Dashboard tab, you should see the Ada in your wallet.

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