Delegate Ada using Cardano’s desktop Wallet (Daedalus)

You’ve come so far… it’s been slow, it’s been long… we are happy that you’re still with us.
Congrats are in order: you’re on the verge of becoming a crypto contributor and delegator! 🎉

This guide will walk you through the last couple of steps required to start staking your coin, using the Daedalus desktop wallet.


  1. You understand the basics of what we do here
    (Go here if you don’t)
  2. You set up the wallet software and your wallet
    (Go here if you haven’t)
  3. You own crypto-currency
    (Go here if you don’t)
  4. You have coin available in your wallet
    (Go here if you don’t)

Step 1 of 12

Open your wallet and go to your Delegation Center.

Step 2 of 12

Your Delegation Center should show the current epoch, and when the next epoch starts.

Step 3 of 12

Go to your Stake pools tab.

Step 4 of 12

There are lots of stake pools here, let’s move on.

Step 5 of 12

Type the name of your favorite pool in the search box.
Choose one from here. (for example XMEGA)

Step 6 of 12

Our stake pool will appear in the list. Click it.

Step 7 of 12

A popup will appear, showing you some data about the pool.
Click on Delegate to this pool.

Step 8 of 12

Click on the blue button to Continue.

Step 9 of 12

You need to choose a wallet to delegate from.
Pick one from the drop-down menu.

Step 10 of 12

There’s going to be a confirmation page with everything already pre-filled. Click on Continue.

Step 11 of 12

Enter your spending password and continue.

Final step

You will see a final confirmation page.
Your Dashboard should now also show that you have delegated to our pool.

Welcome to Matrix Pools! 💚